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Agent-based Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions can offer valuable security capabilities, but often introduce stability and performance challenges on Linux. These can include:

  • Resource Hogging: Agents compete for CPU, memory, and disk, potentially impacting performance.
  • Kernel Clashes: Agents can cause conflicts with different kernel versions or modules, especially during updates.
  • Signature Updates: Updating agents requires touching each endpoint which carries significant compatibility and stability risk.
  • Management Complexity: Maintaining multiple agents across a large Linux fleet adds complexity.

Sandfly has a well-established track record in critical applications globally of being safe and reliable without impacting system performance.

  • Servers
  • Switch
  • Medical Equipment
  • Robot Arms
  • Camera
  • Robot Arms
  • Network Device
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Server Racks
  • Router

Key Features & Benefits

Designed for unparalleled compatibility and safety.


No agent install

Sandfly operates without requiring installation of agents on Linux. This eliminates performance overhead, deployment conflicts, and stability risks.


Low CPU impact

Sandfly is designed to have minimal CPU impact on your Linux systems, making it a suitable choice for critical environments. We even work on low-power embedded devices bringing them protection without compromising performance.


No conflicts

Sandfly works alongside system processes (and even other security tools) without impact, ensuring stability and uptime.


Fast answers

Sandfly uses small modules to quickly check systems for threats and then leaves with no trace. Not only is the investigation process fast, but it does not impact remote system performance.


Simplified management

No need to worry about agent updates or compatibility issues across Linux environments. Update your Linux systems as often as you want and it will never affect Sandfly and Sandfly will never affect your update schedule.


Instant scalability

Sandfly scales effortlessly without the need to manage individual agents on each endpoint. Sandfly is trusted by large Linux deployments to scale and perform reliably.

What our customers say

Knowing that we have this extra level of monitoring and protection on all existing and new servers helps us, particularly when deploying Linux servers that aren’t necessarily managed by our central IT department.

University of Massachusetts, Lowell Research Network

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