Fast Deployment

Ultra-Fast, agentless,
and instant protection.

Sandfly was designed to fix the biggest risk with traditional security solutions on Linux: The deployment.

With Sandfly, you point it at the systems you want protected and it begins to work immediately. With little stability or compatibility risk, Sandfly will begin working instantly giving you visibility and peace of mind.

Key Features & Benefits

Rapid and safe deployment across your entire Linux fleet.


Lightweight and Agentless

Sandfly deploys quickly, minimizing risk and avoiding compatibility issues. No need for complex installations or endpoint disruption.


Wide compatibility

Works seamlessly across your Linux systems, from servers and appliances to embedded devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


Pre-built detection modules

Leverage our extensive threat detection library to identify Linux attacks like malware, cryptominers, backdoors, rootkits, and credential theft.



Clone and tailor any module to investigate specific threats or suspicious activity.


Drift detection

See even the most subtle changes across all your Linux systems, including embedded devices and appliances.


Fast And efficient

Pinpoint compromised systems in seconds, minimizing damage and expediting incident response.

Secured in seconds.

Watch how easy it is to get Sandfly up and running with instant deployment on Linux.

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What our customers say

Sandfly Security closes the loop by letting us know that our security approaches are working and alerting us the moment any breach or issue occurs, hence allowing us to take action before the problem escalates.

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