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Securing your Linux environment, with its mix of ages, applications, and deployment models, can be a challenge. Traditional solutions often struggle with:

  • Legacy systems: Incompatible security tools leave legacy infrastructure vulnerable.
  • Specialized applications: Embedded and appliance configurations need unique protection.
  • Complex deployments: Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid setups require flexible defenses.

Sandfly deploys instantly across virtually all systems giving immediate visibility and protection where it often is not available today.

SUSE Linux
Rocky Linux
Red Hat
Raspberry Pi
Gentoo Linux
Arch Linux
Alma Linux

Key Features & Benefits

Delivering unmatched coverage and safety across all systems.


Widest distribution support

Sandfly has been tested on countless Linux distributions such as: Red Hat, Alma, Rocky, Fedora, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Arch and more. We also work on customized distributions found in embedded and appliance devices.


Comprehensive CPU coverage

Sandfly supports Linux on many architectures including Intel, AMD, ARM, MIPS and IBM POWER CPUs without modifications. We can also work on low-powered embedded systems with limited RAM.


Cloud, on-prem, or hybrid

Sandfly works regardless of network architecture from cloud systems to on-premises to hybrid deployments. Sandfly gives instant and unified visibility.


Extensive protection

Safeguard decade-old systems, modern cloud workloads, and even embedded devices. Eliminate blind spots that allow attackers to hide and move through your network unseen.


Simplified management

Forget about agent deployment and management, enjoy streamlined operations with deployment in seconds across your entire Linux fleet. Sandfly is fast, safe, and effective.


Tactics hunter

Sandfly hunts the tactics that make attacks on Linux successful. Detecting tactics of intruders ensures known and unknown threats can be disrupted quickly and accurately.

Linux secured.

Watch how easy it is to get Sandfly up and running with agentless performance and safety.

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What our customers say

Sandfly is the first product I’ve seen that accurately and quickly detects thousands of signs of compromise on the Linux platform. Its unique method automates tasks which would be manually impossible. Automation is key with detection, and Sandfly completely fits this and other requirements. If your organization is using Linux, this should be part of your cybersecurity toolset.

Ken Kleiner - University of Massachusetts

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