Threat Detection

Linux Security,
it's all we do.

Sandfly's deep understanding of Linux intruder tactics offers unparalleled threat coverage and proactive protection. Known and unknown attacks are detected with safety and performance.

Linux threats unmasked.

Ride along with Sandfly as we hunt for compromised Linux systems on our firing range.

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Use Cases


One tool for all monitoring

Sandfly's compatibility means one tool can watch all your Linux assets. Our built-in threat detection modules, and our active defense features like SSH key tracking, gives Sandfly extensive coverage.


Embedded devices and appliances

Sandfly can run on notoriously difficult to monitor embedded devices and Linux-based appliances. Everything from the cloud to the edge can be secured.


Air-gapped and sensitive networks

Sandfly does not send any data offsite for analysis by us or any other third-party. This means we work on isolated and air-gapped networks and sensitive telemetry data never leaves your control.


Works with other EDR solutions

Sandfly's active threat hunting works with agent-based EDR systems and provides visibility where agents cannot go. Sandfly provides a unique and powerful second set of eyes to traditional EDR.


Distribution agnostic

Sandfly is Linux distribution agnostic. If the system to be monitored runs Linux, chances are very high Sandfly can protect it with little risk.


Critical infrastructure

Sandfly is trusted by critical infrastructure providers globally to protect their systems. We have a proven track-record of performance, stability, and safety in this role.

Build your own threat hunting modules

Customize your Linux security with Sandfly's easy-to-use checks and hunt down threats specific to your needs. Access over 1,100 pre-built detections and create your own with our intuitive syntax. Get instant insights on attackers and leverage our expertise in Linux forensics. Explore just some of the Linux threats we combat below.

Managing Sandfly's Agentless Linux Threat Hunting Modules

Sandfly finds these and many more Linux attack tactics

  • Loadable Kernel Module and eBPF stealth rootkit detection

  • Standard rootkit detection

  • Cryptocurrency and cryptominer detection

  • Weak and default Linux user passwords

  • Hidden and suspicious processes

  • Processes performing suspicious network activity

  • Process masquerading

  • File masquerading and hiding

  • Poisoned system commands

  • Cloaked data from stealth rootkits

  • Tampered system start-up scripts

  • Encrypted and suspicious executable files

  • Unusual system binaries

  • Suspicious users and permissions

  • Hidden executables

  • System shells being used or concealed in suspicious ways

  • Process injection

  • Reverse bindshell exploits

  • Standard bindshell exploits

  • Compromised websites

  • Tampered audit records

  • Destroyed audit records

  • Webshells and backdoors

  • Anti-forensics activity

  • Cloaked backdoors

  • Privilege escalation backdoors

  • Malware persistence mechanisms

  • SSH keys being misused or orphaned

  • Suspicious user login and logout activities

  • Suspicious cron jobs and other scheduled tasks

  • Linux malware and Advanced Persistent Threat activity

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) agents

  • Password and network sniffers

  • Many others!

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