Agentless Drift Detection on Linux

Drift detection
finds hidden threats.

Unauthorized changes to Linux systems are significant threats. Sandfly's agentless drift detection can spot any change to any system, whether it's in the cloud, an embedded device, or a legacy server.

Linux threats unmasked.

Ride along with Sandfly as we hunt for a compromised embedded Linux device using drift detection.

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Sandfly's agentless drift detection delivers unprecedented visibility, instantly revealing:

  • Any change, from new processes to modified files, across all your Linux systems – even embedded devices and challenging to monitor appliances.

  • More than File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), Sandfly's drift detection finds evasive threats like fileless malware, unknown processes, user changes, unauthorized scheduled tasks, new kernel modules, malicious SSH keys, and much more.

  • Instant insights with profiles of known-good states. Deviations trigger immediate alerts, allowing you to respond before damage is done. If Sandfly can monitor the system, then we can use drift detection against it no matter the age, distribution, CPU, or patch levels.

Drift Detection Suspicious Process on Linux

Use Cases

Drift detection across any Linux you have whether in the cloud or on-premises.


Secure virtual machines

Ensure deployed images remain pristine, detecting unauthorized changes instantly. Known-good images can be tracked and any changes instantly revealed.


Safeguard embedded devices

Gain unprecedented visibility and detect any changes on often-overlooked embedded systems. New processes, logins, and more can be monitored and reported on instantly.


Monitor Linux appliances

Protect vulnerable appliances from silent attacks where traditional tools cannot provide visibility. Novel malware and unauthorized changes on appliances are no longer hidden.


Standalone systems

Keep critical servers and devices under close watch, detecting any malicious activity or unauthorized changes. Legacy systems which cannot be updated or patched can also be monitored so any changes are immediately reported to security teams.


Container security

Drift profiles can be built for containerized applications ensuring they only do what they were designed to do.


Incident response

IR Teams can profile a known-good system image and instantly use it to check similar systems for any differences. Malware and suspicious changes instantly become visible giving IR teams a fast way to triage systems and investigate intrusions instantly.

Drift Detection Benefits

Find any change on any system Sandfly monitors.


Unparalleled visibility

See everything happening on your Linux systems, including files, processes, users, network activity, and more.


More than File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Uncover hidden threats traditional tools miss, like fileless malware, rogue processes, malicious users, new SSH keys, sophisticated backdoors, and persistence attacks.


Effortless deployment

No agents to install, minimizing impact on your systems.


Flexible profiling

Create profiles for individual systems, groups, or specific configurations, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your entire Linux fleet.


Fast time to value

Get started quickly with agentless deployment and easy customization.

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