Our Story

sandfly is a small, annoying, relentlessly-biting black fly indigenous to New Zealand.

We’re called Sandfly because like sandflies, we’re headquartered in New Zealand. We also relentlessly bug and discourage intruders, deploying like a ‘swarm’ onto endpoints and then disappearing only to return again and again. The result? Swarms of checks make life miserable for hackers on your Linux hosts while minimizing system impacts.

Our Mission

With a presence spanning North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Sandfly provides cybersecurity professionals and administrators a dedicated cybersecurity solution for securing Linux, the powerhouse operating the core of the Internet.

Sandfly was created by Linux experts who understand the limitations of conventional endpoint products. We employ a novel agentless method to ensure security while monitoring and responding to threats across Linux systems without the risks associated with endpoint agents.

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