Our Story

sandfly is a small, annoying, relentlessly-biting black fly indigenous to New Zealand.

We’re called Sandfly because like sandflies, we’re headquartered in New Zealand. We also relentlessly bug and discourage intruders, deploying like a ‘swarm’ onto endpoints and then disappearing only to return again and again. Our swarms of checks make life miserable for intruders on your Linux hosts while minimizing system impacts.

Our Mission

At Sandfly we believe that Linux needs a dedicated and reliable security solution that works across all systems and infrastructures without drama. With so many mission critical systems running Linux, we are exclusively focused on securing this platform with market-leading agentless technology that goes beyond traditional approaches.

Our Investors

  • Gula Tech Adventures

    Gula Tech Adventures funds and supports initiatives across cybersecurity: investing in companies, raising awareness, and fostering workforce development. Their mission is to bolster America's cyber defenses through investments, grants, education, and advocacy.

  • Sorenson Capital

    Sorenson Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in B2B software companies. They are product-focused and believe that the best product wins in the long-term. They provide deep engagement and support to their portfolio companies, helping them with challenges both expected and unexpected.

  • Alt Ventures

    Alt Ventures is a New Zealand-based venture capital firm that invests in both gaming and technology sectors. They identified a gap in funding for promising Kiwi gaming studios and launched the country's first Gaming Venture Fund in 2021. With years of experience investing in tech startups globally, they also offer funding for pre-Seed and Seed stage tech companies in New Zealand, backing innovative founders with ambitious ideas.


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