Sandfly 2.9.0 – Protect Your Linux Hosts Free Instantly

Product Update

April 13, 2021
The Sandfly Security Team

Sandfly 2.9.0 has been released and allows everyone to get a free annual license to monitor Linux hosts. You can use this license immediately to protect Linux hosts for either personal or business use. If you want to get immediate access to your free license please see our page here:

Free Sandfly License

In addition to giving away a free license, we have made some other important changes below.

2.9.0 Changes

First, Sandfly 2.9.0 has a massively improved installation procedure. Most of the install is automated outside of a few small areas. This means you can be up and running with Sandfly quickly and begin protecting your Linux systems in minutes.

Secondly, we have some

  • Sandfly 2.9.0 and versions going forward are using new elliptic curve cryptographic primitives to protect SSH credentials and other sensitive data. Prior versions used GPG and this is not compatible with the new encryption methods.

  • We have updated the database schema for several key areas such as operating system details. This change will allow us to leverage operating system data going forward in new ways to improve how we display and use it.

  • Finally, we have made other changes internally to help with future features such as licensing and performance.

If you are on version 2.8.x there are no changes in 2.9.0 to require an update. You can use version 2.8.x without any loss of features. The 2.9.0 updates mainly affect future versions so there is no need to rush an update if you can’t do it right now.

Customers needing assistance upgrading to 2.9.0 can contact us and we’ll go through the steps to do an update.

Sandfly 3.0 Coming

The new 2.9.0 version is laying the foundation for version 3.0 which will have not only an entirely new user interface, but new ways to view and analyze forensic data. We will be releasing details on a 3.0 Beta soon. Customers that upgrade to 2.9.0 should be able to update to 3.0 when it is released without any further work.

If you want to keep up to date on 3.0, please subscribe to our mailing list located at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, please grab a free license and enjoy the full product on us.

Let Sandfly keep your Linux systems secure.

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