Sandfly 1.1.11 Updates

Product Update
May 27, 2018

Sandfly 1.1.11 is now available. This release has many new Sandflies that detect the following Linux threats: Greatly enhanced process forensics data. Malicious and suspicious process environment…

Sandfly 1.1.4 Updates

Product Update
April 26, 2018

Sandfly 1.1.4 is available. Includes 10 new sandflies to expand Linux stealth rootkit detection, process anti-forensics, log file tampering, suspicious user activity, and process masquerading attacks…

Hello, World — Sandfly 1.1 is now available

Product Update
April 18, 2018

After much time coding and testing, we are pleased to announce that Sandfly 1.1 is now released. Sandfly is an agentless security investigator and compromise detection system for Linux. With Sandfly…

Sandfly 2.3.3 – More Linux Sniffer and Immutable File Detection

Product Update
November 20, 2010

Sandfly 2.3.3 has been released. We’ve put in more methods to help spot packet sniffers and suspicious immutable files common with malware. Plus, this version has a bug fix for a problem where hosts…